Part of what makes a home is the neighborhood that surrounds it.  The people, places, streets and sites around you influence how you live in so many ways.  I was reminded of this when my good friend Beth asked me to participate in a project for her daughter's--my goddaughter's-- second grade class.  The class had just read Flat Stanley, the tale of a boy flattened by his bulletin board.  His flat condition allows him to have all sorts of unusual adventures, including being sent through the mail.  Each of the children in the class created a Flat version of themselves and sent it off for her own adventure.

Flat Lauren arrived safely at my home in Philadelphia, tucked in an envelope with a note from the teacher asking this question:
"How does living where you do affect your lifestyle?"
Seemed like a perfect addition to our Thoughts On Home conversation this month on Style Manaic.  Follow along on the next post, Flat Lauren Visits Philadelphia while Flat Lauren and I explore my neighborhood and show you some of the things that make it a wonderful place to call home.

Artwork courtesy Style Maniac's goddaughter, Lauren.

"Use the good china for breakfast."