EVERYDAY STYLE TIP: Live In Your Living Room

When you live in a three-room apartment you're forced to make use of every bit of space.  What's funny, though, is how in bigger houses so many people basically still live in three rooms:  kitchen, family room, bedroom. Meanwhile the dining room gathers dust 364 days a year and the living room might as well have a rope across it.  To which I ask:  why?  What are you saving the space for?  If  the dining room's so formal it's uncomfortable, loosen it up. Take away the matching set of chairs and mix in comfy upholstered pieces.  Then use it for Wednesday night dinner.  Or add a wall of bookshelves and make it your study or the kids' homework spot.  Pile the living room sofa with cozy pillows and blankets, then retreat there to read a book on a rainy day.  Or paint the walls a rich, deep color, add gleaming silver accents and invite your husband for cocktails on Friday evening.  Or take all the furniture out and install the pool table he's always wanted.  Whatever works for the way you and your family live.

Photo by Doreen Creede

"Use the good china for breakfast."