Pink for girls, blue for boys. This color cliche so pervades our culture that when you glimpse a powerful, testosterone-fired pro football player leaping through the air to make a catch in hot pink gloves the incongruity makes you blurt out loud, "What the ---!?" And when you see both his teammates and opponents sporting hot pink sweatbands, cleats, even shoelaces, you sit up and really take notice. Thus the brilliance of the NFL's "A Crucial Catch" effort in support of breast cancer awareness, treatment and the fight for a cure. Look for splashes of pink on players, coaches, refs--even the goalposts--throughout the month of October. For more on what you can do to make sure you and those you love "celebrate another birthday" visit

Pink glove captured at the October 4th Ravens/Patriots game by Winslow Townson/AP Photo. Via

"Use the good china for breakfast."