Oia by night (Santorini)

THE BEACH: The Greek Isles
If the cyber-world were reality I would be meandering down this path right now, sandals dangling from one hand; a cold glass of white wine grasped in the other. Ah ....
THE BOOK: Vefa's Kitchen by Vefa Alexiadou
Ideally my escape to the Greek Isles would last the entire summer. In which case, I'd need some things to cook in my sparkling white cliff-side villa. This 704-page cookbook of alluring photos and straightforward recipes from a well-known Greek chef and cookbook author should do the trick. We'd eat on the patio, waves crashing below, mesmerized by a view like this:

Photos by Marcel Germain

I first glimpsed "Seaside Alley, Mykonos" (top) on another blog (maybe Absolutely Beautiful Things?) then explored the photographer's work further on Flickr, where I found (amongst many other marvels) "Oia by Night, Santorini" (bottom). Marcel Germain is a self-described "amateur" photographer who travels extensively, speaks eight languages and has a great eye. He was kind enough to grant permission for use of some of his photos on Style Maniac. Here's his Photostream.

"Use the good china for breakfast."