summer style: peaceful easy feeling

This month Fabric Friday turns into Fashion Friday, with a new outfit every week. A very specific outfit for a very specific occasion. I'm no believer in buying basics. What good is a "classic white shirt"--or even a lbd--if you don't have the right shoes and bag? And besides, what qualified as a "basics" wardrobe when I worked in corporate communications has no resemblance to what I wear as a decorator (whatever I want) or a freelance writer (often my pajamas!).

And so, our first outfit for a Summer In The City: an easy, breezy, colorful concoction perfect for some browsing (comfortable yet stylish shoes), shopping (a dress that's easy to get in and out of) and brunch with the girls (cute accessories, natch).

DRESS: Browsing, Shopping & Brunch With The Girls

"Use the good china for breakfast."