Although it was Estelle Carraz-Bernabei's paintings that originally caught my attention (see 4/30/09 post), I soon discovered her eye and energy applied to photography as well. For a Redecorators project we had Bar Tabac, above, blown up into a giant canvas, bringing a touch of Paris to an expat Frenchman's home.

"With my photography I try to just capture a moment that I see in life. Landscapes, architecture and animals. Rarely people," explains Estelle.

Unlike her colorful paintings, Estelle photographs mainly in black and white. Every so often she manipulates a photo on the computer, such as the image above. Mostly, though, she allows the moment to shine through--such as this shot taken in Tahiti, below.

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Photos courtesy Estelle Carraz-Bernabei

"Use the good china for breakfast."