MANIAC FIND: Microplane Grater

A few years ago friend and biz partner Gina gave me a little package for my birthday. Beautifully wrapped, of course. I opened it with glee to find...

... a Microplane grater.

Oh. "Um, thanks," I said. Always nice to get a gift, right? Even if it is some sharp metal-y thing.

A week later I called her, squealing, "That sharp metal-y thing has changed my freakin' life! I'm now grating parmigiano on my breakfast every morning, on my lunch every day and my dinner every night!"

Okay so I often eat leftovers for breakfast. It's not as though I was grating cheese on my cereal. But it was almost that bad.

Previous to discovering this simple beauty we used some convoluted press and roll grater that made the process barely worth the trouble. This grater, however, slashes through a block of hard aged cheese like buttah. Supposedly it also makes quick work of lemon zests and such. I wouldn't know about that. I only use it for one thing. (Oh, shush, Alton Brown. It's probably the only uni-tasker in our kitchen.)

I now own three.

MANIAC FIND: Microplane Grater

Photo by Doreen Creede

"Use the good china for breakfast."