GUEST BLOGGER: Cassidy Cloyed

My most loyal blog reader also happens to be my niece, Cassidy. I invited her to Guest Blog for Style Maniac and liked her topic so much I'm using it to kick off my May theme of Easy Entertaining. (Parties for Pennies…anyone interested?) Enjoy Cass's post, below. --Doreen
After some deliberation on a blog post topic I thought I would stick with what I'm good at ... TOYS! I have worked at Dancing Bear Toys in Asheville since my junior year of High School. I've always enjoyed a good game but as I grow up I realize that playing goofy games is a wonderful way to get to know your friends. It is also a cheap party.
Whenever I go home on college breaks my friends and I get together, pull out a game, order some pizzas, and just enjoy each other's company. It doesn't cost much which is wonderful for a bunch of college students and we always have a fantastic time. -- Cassidy
pizza & game party

Here are our Top Five Party Games:
  1. Quelf—a game of completely random acts that is similar to Cranium but much sillier.
  2. Apples to Apples—a game where you have to think outside the box using comparisons and analogies.
  3. Bananagrams—sort of like Scrabble but each person works off their own words and there is no score (wonderful for those of us who aren't great with the English language).
  4. LCR—this dice game is fun to play with dollars, pennies, or candy. It takes no talent but is lots of fun, particularly for a large group.
  5. Pocket Farkle—a wonderful choice for a trip, quick to play, great for the whole family, plus it helps teach math!

"Use the good china for breakfast."