Several readers have told me they find the blog Comment process confusing. I agree. Perhaps these instructions will help. (And to those of you who do leave comments: thank you, thank you, thank you! You have no idea how much I love hearing from you!)

To Comment On A Post:
  1. Click the "COMMENTS" link below the post you'd like to remark on. A comments page will appear, with a box entitled "LEAVE A COMMENT". Type your comment.
  2. Beneath that box you'll see "Choose an Identity." If you're not familiar with all the options just choose "Name/URL" to leave your real name or a screen name (for "URL" enter a blog or website address if you have one or just leave it blank.) or "Anonymous."
  3. Click "PREVIEW" to check your entry or just click "PUBLISH."
  4. A word verification box will appear. Type in the wavy letters shown. (This prevents spam). Click "FINISH."
Congratulations, you have now entered the blogosphere!

"Use the good china for breakfast."