Last week I returned home from a lovely (and lately all-too-rare) stay at Resort Mere et Pere to: a leaking sink, balking garage door, stuck blinds, tax returns and a broken TV. All after a 6-hour airport delay and a jittery flight through lightning and rain. The only nice thing greeting me: a surprise package from Cassidy. That lovely niece of mine sent me an incredible book called My Secret, a collection of postcard art/confessions from teens and young adults compiled by Frank Warren the founder of the Post Secret blog. The book stopped my moping cold, reminding me that as tough as it is to be an adult sometimes it's a whole lot better than being a teenager. It's also a great argument for the idea that an artist lurks inside each of us, we just need the courage to set it free (even if we do so anonymously).

READ: My Secret (the book) and PostSecret.com (the blog). Be forewarned: the entries contain uncensored and emotionally raw language, imagery and topics.

"Use the good china for breakfast."