Atmosphere #3  by Judy Fowler

Atmosphere #3 by Judy Fowler

I discovered Judy Fowler's oil paintings in a Manayunk jewelry store several years ago. Didn't buy any baubles that day, but came away with something even better. I'm crazy about color and that's Judy's art. She builds layers of color to achieve depth and variation and to evoke a landscape or moment without a literal depiction.

The Sea #9

The Sea #9

The Sea #7

The Sea #7

"Often I'm inspired by an actual landscape," says Judy. "But I don't paint it on the spot. I'll take that image with me and later--sometimes much later--what comes out is reliant on those memories. I may start with a shape or a path but that disappears pretty fast."

What's left are ethereal atmospheric paintings of color.

Several trips to Paris inspired works such as Paris Evening and Paris Light #2 (above) and L'Orangerie (below), a painting that completely captures my own experience in that museum.

"The light there is so different. The layers of history, the architecture," Judy tells me. Yes, of course, I nod in agreement. Then she adds, "Architecture is not just shape but color."

So true! And yet I'd never really thought of it like that before. This is the wonderful thing about talking to artists. They make you view the world in an entirely new way.

Judy may soon be looking at the world in a new way as well. "My paintings began as very active, then evolved to a more placid and contemplative place. Lately I've felt a change coming in my style." Check back for an update....

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Judy is a founding member of the Media Arts Council, a group that supports local artists with events and an artist registry. For more info go to

All images courtesy Judy Fowler.

"Use the good china for breakfast."