I could say that St. Patrick's Day and 21st birthdays have me thinking about setting up bar. But it's something Gina and I ask our client's about during every assessment meeting with The Redecorators. By bar we don't mean an imitation pub. Rather a simple area to corral liquors, liquers and glasses. Somehow having cocktail fixings out and accessible makes it that much easier to throw together a celebration--whether for two or twenty.

A bar set up can be as simple as a bottle of cognac and a cut crystal glass perched on a desk...

... a tray of drinks carried outside (very top) or a rolling bar cart wheeled up to a table (below).

For a special event, put together something quirky (like this Grinch-inspired bar/instant party we created for Citibank holiday event).

For something more permanent, repurpose a piece of furniture. At an event in the Grange Showroom in Philadelphia we set up bar in an armoire where a TV would normally sit.

Whatever spot you choose, cheers! cent d'anni! a votre sante!

Photos by Doreen Creede for The Redecorators LLC

"Use the good china for breakfast."