MANIAC FIND: The Perfect Pasta Bowl

This blog ain't called Style Maniac for nothin'. It's almost frightening to think how much thought, effort and searching I will put into finding the perfect [--fill in blank--]. Thus is born the "Maniac Find" where I save you all that time and grief and deliver the goodies straight to you.

First up: the perfect pasta bowl. Given the fact that I am a complete pasta-holic, this is an item that will be used every day, sometimes twice a day. Or three times, depending on the weather and how disinclined I am to go food shopping. So the pasta bowl had to pass a strict Goldilocks test and be just right:

...not too big, not too small; not too deep, not too shallow;

...not too fragile ('cause I drop things a lot); not too rustic ('cause it has to go with all my china). Dishwasher safe, of course. Reasonably price would be nice.

After years of searching I found it: Crate & Barrel's Large Bistro bowl (8") . Set 6/$29.95 or $5.95 ea. (Oh, and it's great for salads, too.)

Photos by Doreen Creede

"Use the good china for breakfast."