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is a lifestyle blog & brand from Doreen Creede celebrating easy ways to live with style every day. 

Inspirational &
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... & ALWAYS with
beneath the chic.

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On the blog and social media sites Doreen shares secrets learned as an interior decorator, event planner, fashion consultant and lifelong lover of style, sparking lively discussions about design, fashion, food, entertaining, books, art, music, love, laughter and life with a loyal group of readers. 

Doreen Creede,  creator of Style Maniac.

Doreen Creede,  creator of Style Maniac.

Written in an upbeat, evocative voice paired with gorgeous images, Style Maniac also gives subscribers a first look at emerging talents and fun peeks behind the scenes of famous brands.

Make your every day happier and more beautiful: kick off your leopard heels and join our conversation.

I love Style Maniac because each post takes you away for a moment to a beautiful and uplifting place ... plus Doreen has great reader perks!
— LeAnne Lindsey / author of Tinsel & Tine