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Life In Art
sandra benhaim : joy and sadness, promise and disappointment, clarity and mystery. Appropriately, it is named Terrestrial "Terrestrial" by Sandra Benhaim . ART Sandra Benhaim terrestrial.jpg again Sandra Benhaim's work speaks directly (at least for me) to the complexity of life here on earth
Hot Art
With Spring snows surprising so many of us this past weekend, thought I'd warm up our Monday morning with some hot, colorful abstract art from one of our favorite artists here at Style Maniac: Sandra Benhaim. Manayunk Summer (oil, oilstick, oil pastel on canvas · 32” x 30”), courtesy Sandra Benhaim. The energy, movement and 8 ART Sandra Benhaim manayunk summer.jpg sandra benhaim
Summertime ...
ART Sandra Benhaim and the living is easy.jpg ... "And The Living Is Easy." Yup, that's the name of this painting by Sandra Benhaim. Doesn't it sandra benhaim
ART Sandra Benhaim caliente.jpg sure is caliente around here. Tell me, how do you cope with a heat wave? Caliente by Sandra Benhaim sandra benhaim Considering Sandra Benhaim and I met just recently, it's amazing how her body of work happens to so
Magic Carpet Ride
for Style Maniac and thoughts for my own life. You'll be seeing more of her art all year. Magic Carpet Ride 3 courtesy Sandra Benhaim. sandra benhaim ART Sandra Benhaim magic carpet ride 3.jpg . I know which journey I'm hoping for in 2013. How about you? The color and joy of Sandra Benhaim's work
Time Is Of The Essence
If you've been reading Style Maniac for awhile, you know most often a featured work of art appears here not just because it's pretty, but because the image/theme/title connect on some other level with life. Remember Projects Brewing, way back in 2012? One particular project of mine from then has been brewing, simmering and has now reached the boiling point. Indeed, Time Is Of The Essence. The time has come to let it go and see what happens. Stay tuned for more.... Time Is Of The Essence by Sandra Benhaim ART Sandra Benhaim time is of the essence 2.jpg sandra benhaim
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