With forests blazing and football games playing
Shall we take out our party in a car?

 Or, beside the TV, set up a suitcase as a bar?

Perhaps stash carpets, cheese and cabernet in a trunk.

Or balance stemware and spirits on top of a chest?

Or maybe what would be best:
A golden tray by a pillow-filled bunk
Of an exotic caravan.

Yes, now that's a plan.

{p.s. Wherever you go, don't forget your designated driver.}

CREDITS:  1 Tailgate  via from  / source2 Suitcase bar source3 Beetle picnic via / source.   4 Trunk bar via / from / source5 Tray of spirits and all photo vignette effects by Doreen Creede, Style Maniac. 6 Caravan via / photo by Jonny Valiant Magnolia Pearl.com.

"Use the good china for breakfast."