MFK Fisher's Art of the Unexpected

"So long after my decision to serve enchiladas 
on a Paris roof to Colette and the Prince, 
I still believe firmly in the attributes 
of the unexpected."
-- M.F.K. Fisher, The Art of Eating

Twenty years after first encountering MFK Fisher's books, her writing still hits me with tart freshness.  Beyond cooking, the collected works in MFK's The Art of Eating taught me that in entertaining -- and in life -- mixing up one small thing can result in a big change, making the usual just a bit unusual turns forgettable into memorable.  So just as I advocate using your best china for a Tuesday morning breakfast, the reverse is also true:  If your first instinct is to serve VIP guests the fanciest food on silver platters, think again.  What might delight them most is the casual irreverence of a rooftop picnic, views of the city before them, enchiladas dripping down their chins.

READ: The Art of Eating by MFK Fisher includes Serve It Forth, Consider The Oyster, How to Cook a Wolf, The Gastronomical Me and An Alphabet of Gourmets.  Available in the Style Maniac Amazon Boutique.

"Use the good china for breakfast."