Eat Tweet

Just when I'm convinced nothing is original, along comes Eat Tweet to prove me wrong.  A collection of Maureen Evans' recipe tweets on @cookbook, it's the most ingenious use of Twitter I've encountered. The premise seems preposterous: a complete recipe in 140 characters, including the title.  How could you even decipher such a thing?  Perhaps because the author is also a poet (read her haikus @Maureen) or because her partner Blaine Cook was the original programmer on Twitter and so she just gets this medium, you can.  Here, give it a try.  What do you think this recipe is for?
Brwn,rmv1/2c lardon, 2lb beef,carrot&onion. Flr,s+p. 8m@450F;+2c pinot&Stock/T tompaste/BqtGrni. Cvr3h@325F.

Add your guess to the comments section below.  I'll reveal the answer there and on the Style Maniac Facebook Page (where I issued the same challenge, but sans both recipe and cookbook title).  And if any of you decide to cook the dish, please report back and let us know how it turns out.  Happy eating ... and tweeting.

Not just a gimmick, Eat Tweet by Maureen Evans (Artisan Books) is filled with smart tips and recipes pared down to their simplest essence.  A sample translation and chart of symbols help clarify the shorthand.  The small volume would be great to pack for a villa vacation or summer beach house.  
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