On Tuesday I am appearing again on Blog Talk Radio's Blogging With Micheal.  This time my Blogstress Network co-founders and I will be on for the entire hour--and we'll be taking your calls and answering you questions live.  Want to know something about Style Maniac, The Blogstress Network or blogging in general? Leave your question in the comments section here, or better yet call in! You'll have the chance to mention your own blog and link when you do. Here's when, where and how to call:

BLOG TALK RADIO "Blogging With Micheal"
Featuring The Blogstress Network co-founders
    Doreen Creede / Style Maniac
    Barbara Hammond / Zero to 60 & Beyond
    Lee Romano Sequeira / Madness, Mom & Me
DATE: Tuesday July 26, 2011
TIME: 11:00 am to 12 noon EST
BROADCAST URL: Blogging with Micheal 7/26
CALL IN PHONE NUMBER: (646) 478-0874

Hope to hear from you! 

Photo via Miss Walker/Pinterest and  My Beautiful Life

"Use the good china for breakfast."